Northeastern University

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
140 The Fenway, Room R306, Boston, MA 02115

Saoni Mukherjee



[1] Accelerating 3D CT reconstruction using GPUs. In Annual workshop on Communication and Digital Signal Processing Research Workshop, Boston, MA, May 2012. [poster]

[2] CUDA and OpenCL implementations of 3D CT reconstruction for Biomedical Imaging. In Sixteenth Annual Workshop on IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing (HPEC), Waltham, MA, September 2012. [presentation]

[3] Accelerating 3D CT reconstruction using GPUs. In Nvidia GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA, March 2013. [poster]

[4] Faster 3D CT Reconstruction using CUDA and OpenCL. In NEU GPU workshop, Boston, MA, April 2013. [presentation]

[5] Accelerating 3D CT Reconstruction using GPU. In Fourth Programming and Tuning Massively Parallel Systems summer school (PUMPS), Barcelona, Spain, July 2013. [poster]