Edmund Yeh

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Selected Research Projects

  1. NSF, "CNS Core: Medium: Data-Centric Networks for Distributed Learning," with CMU. Total grant amount: $1,051,532.
  2. NSF, "CC* Integration-Large: N-DISE: NDN for Data Intensive Science Experiments," with Caltech, UCLA and Tennessee Tech. Total grant amount: $1,025,000.
  3. DARPA Dispersive Computing, "Generalized Network Assisted Transport (GNAT)," with Raytheon BBN and MIT. Total grant amount: $9,977,081.
  4. DTRA, "Modeling, Analysis and Control for Robust Interdependent Networks," with Ohio State and MIT. Total grant amount: $1,750,000
  5. NSF, "CC* Integration: SANDIE: SDN-Assisted NDN for Data Intensive Experiments," with Caltech and Colorado State. Total grant amount: $1,000,000.
  6. NSF, "PPO: Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) Project Office," with U.S. Ignite. Total grant amount: $6,116,329.
  7. NSF, "CRISP Type 2: Identification and Control of Uncertain, Highly Interdependent Processes Involving Humans with Applications to Resilient Emergency Health Response." Total grant amount: $2,498,810.
  8. NSF, "CRISP Type 2: Interdependent Network-based Quantification of Infrastructure Resilience (INQUIRE)," with Harvard. Total grant amount: $2,500,000.
  9. NSF, "NeTS: Small: Caching Networks with Optimality Guarantees." Total grant amount: $499,999.
  10. Intel Corp., "Joint Optimization of Routing and Caching in Wireless Heterogeneous Networks," with Stanford. Total grant amount: $234,000
  11. Cisco Systems Inc., "Addressing Mobility/Caching and Security/Privacy Challenges in Wireless/Mobile Edge Content-Centric Networks," with UC Irvine. Total grant amount: $180,000.
  12. American Tower Corp., "Wireless Edge Computing: Optimization, Economics, and Applications." Total grant amount: $25,000.

Research Areas

  1. Networking and systems for data-intensive engineering, science, health applications
  2. Caching, fog/edge computing
  3. Networked distributed learning
  4. Wireless network optimization
  5. Coding for low latency, network coding, polar codes
  6. Interdependent networks, cascading failure, information dissemination
  7. Network economics