Yun Raymond Fu     Dr. and Professor

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Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Founding Director of SmileLab


Department of ECE, College of Engineering

Khoury College of Computer Science (Affiliated)

Northeastern University

403 Dana Research Center

360 Huntington Avenue

Boston, MA 02115

Ph: (617) 373-7328 Fax: (617) 373-8970

E-mail: yunfu AT ece Dot neu Dot edu

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      Dr. Y. Raymond Fu is widely-renowned AI expert, Professor, and a successful serial entrepreneur. He received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is Professor affiliated with both College of Engineering and the Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern University. He has authored more than 400 scientific publications as well as 12 patented inventions. He received seven Prestigious Young Investigator Awards from NAE, ONR, ARO, IEEE, INNS, UIUC, Grainger Foundation; eleven Best Paper Awards from IEEE, ACM, IAPR, SPIE, SIAM; many major Industrial Awards from Google, Amazon, Samsung, JPMorgan Chase, MERL, Konica Minolta, Zebra, Adobe, and Mathworks, etc. He is fellow of IEEE, IAPR, OSA and SPIE, a Lifetime Distinguished Member of ACM, Lifetime Member of AAAI and Institute of Mathematical Statistics, member of ACM Future of Computing Academy, Global Young Academy, AAAS, and INNS.

      Successful in entrepreneurship, he was the Founder and CEO of AI startup Giaran acquired by the prestigious global cosmetic firm Shiseido (Stock 4911: Tokyo) in 2017, which applies his AI based augmented reality technology to benefit Shiseido’s global thousands-of-million e-commerce market. It was the first M&A of such AI based digital cosmetics in the global cosmetics and beauty market. He was also the co-founder, board member, CTO and later Chief Scientist of TVision Insights since 2015, a big data company inventing novel computer vision technology to measure second-by-second, eyes-on-screen Attention to TV and CTV content and ads. Tvision raised in total $40million fund after series B and was the winner of the Advertising Research Foundation's Innovation A-List, Microsoft Innovative Award, Mass Challenge 2015 Gold Award, MIT Innovation Initiative, $100K MIT Entrepreneurship Competition, MIT Enterprise Forum, and First prize of NECINA NEW Accelerator 2015.

Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence -- Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Big Data

Education: Ph.D. (ECE, UIUC) M.S. (STAT, UIUC) M.Eng. (PRIS, XJTU) B.Eng. (IE, XJTU)

Academy and Fellow: IEEE Fellow (since 2019), OSA Fellow (since 2019), SPIE Fellow (since 2018), IAPR Fellow (since 2016), AAIA Fellow (since 2021), ACM Future of Computing Academy (since 2017), Global Young Academy (GYA member), Beckman Institute (Beckman Graduate Fellow, 2007-2008), ACM (life Distinguished member), AAAI (life Senior member).

Entrepreneurship: Founder and CEO of Giaran [Acquired by Shiseido(Stock 4911:Tokyo) in 2017], Co-Founder and CTO of Tvision Insights [40Million funding since 2015].

Associate Editor: ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD)(2020-), IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP) (2018-), Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS) (2017-).

Former PhD and Postdoc: Prof. Ming Shao (Umass), Prof. Sheng Li (U of Georgia), Prof. Hongfu Liu (Brandeis U), Prof. Allan Ding (Tulane U), Prof. Zhiqiang Tao (Santa Clara U), Prof. Yu Kong (RIT), Dr. Joe Robinson (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Dr. Handong Zhao (Adobe), Dr. Yue Wu (Microsoft).

Young Investigator Awards (7): [2016 Grainger Foundation Frontiers of Engineering Award], [2016 IEEE CIS Outstanding Early Career Award], [2016 UIUC ECE Young Alumni Achievement Award], [2015 National Academy of Engineering US Frontiers of Engineering], [2014 ONR Young Investigator], [2014 ARO Young Investigator], [2014 INNS Young Investigator].

Best Paper Awards (11): [ACM TOMM Nicolas D. Georganas Best Paper Award 2019][ICCV19 Workshop RLQ Best Paper Award][IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing][ACM MM 2017 candidate][SPIE DS 2016], [SIAM SDM 2014], [IEEE ICME 2014 candidate], [IEEE FG 2013], [IEEE ICDM LSVA Workshop 2011], [IAPR ICFHR 2010], [IEEE ICIP 2007].

Industry Faculty Awards: [2021 NEC Faculty Research Awards] [2021 Adobe Data Science Research Awards][2020 Amazon AWS Machine Learning Research Awards][2020 JPMorgan Chase Faculty Research Awards][2020, 2019 Konica Minolta Award],[2018 Zebra Award], [2017, 2016 Samsung GRO Award], [2015 Adobe Faculty Research Award], [2010 Google Faculty Research Award]




-  09/2021, $10k, received Adobe Gift grant.

-  08/2021, One paper accepted by ICDM21, T-MM, and T-NNLS.

-  07/2021, 3 papers accepted by ICCV21!

-  07/2021, 4 papers accepted by ACM MM21!

-  06/2021, elected to Fellow of Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association (AAIA).

-  05/2021, One paper accepted by T-IP, T-Cybernetics and T-KDD.

-  05/2021, $40k, received Picsart AI Research (PAIR) Faculty Research Award.

-  04/2021, $60k, received NEC Faculty Research Awards.

-  03/2021, $50k, received Adobe Data Science Research Awards.

-  03/2021, $8k, received Adobe Gift grant.

-  03/2021, First Prize, for both the RGB and RGB-D competition tracks of the CVPR21 International Sign Language Challenge

-  02/2021, received the inaugural Spark Fund Award.

-  02/2021, News@Northeastern--Humans are trying to take bias out of facial recognition programs. It’s not working–yet.

-  02/2021, One paper accepted by CVPR21 and TPAMI.

-  01/2021, One paper accepted by ICLR21, AAAI21, SDM21 and CHI21.

-  10/2020, $100k, received Konica Minolta second Gift grant.

-  09/2020, $5k, received Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) Gift grant.

-  09/2020, 2 papers accepted by NeurIPS20!

-  07/2020, 4 papers accepted by ECCV20!

-  05/2020, $10k, received Adobe Gift grant.

-  04/2020, my students Joseph Robinson received 2020 ECE Outstanding Teaching Awards. Congrats!

-  04/2020, $105k, 2020 Amazon AWS Machine Learning Research Awards

-  04/2020, 2020 AI2000 Most Influential Scholar Award Honorable Mention

-  03/2020, $150k, 2020 JPMorgan Chase Faculty Research Awards

-  03/2020, $450k, STR: Multimodality Face Recognition

-  02/2020, 7 papers accepted by CVPR20!

-  12/2019, One paper accepted by ICLR20, TNNLS and TPAMI, respectively!

-  12/2019, I accepted invitation to be Associate Editor for the ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD).

-  11/2019, 3 papers accepted by AAAI20 respectively!

-  10/2019, we received the ICCV19 Workshop RLQ Best Paper Award. Congratulations!

-  10/2019, we received the ACM TOMM Nicolas D. Georganas Best Paper Award 2019. Congratulations!

-  09/2019, $100k, received Konica Minolta Gift grant.

-  08/2019, One paper accepted by NeurIPS19, ICDM19, CIKM19, respectively!

-  08/2019, $5k, received Adobe Gift grant.

-  07/2019, 6 papers accepted by ICCV19!

-  06/2019, $529k, received NSF Award #1916839.

-  06/2019, $17k, received Adobe Gift grant.

-  05/2019, $50k, received phase II Global Resilience Institute seed grant.

-  05/2019, One paper accepted by KDD19, IJCAI19, CVPR19 respectively!

-  05/2019, I was promoted to be Full Professor!

-  04/2019, $50k, received Tier 1 funding.



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