Research Projects



Steady State Visually Evoked Potentials are responses of visual cortex in response to flickering stimuli (sometimes referred to as P100). In this project we are building a BCI system by showing different flickering patterns to the subject and getting EEG signals from the visual cortex and classifying the pattern that the subject was looking at, which can be used in applications with multiple command/options. Robot Control, Wheelchair Control are some example applications.

RSVP KeyboardTM


Rapid Serial Visual Evoked Potentials  are the responses of brain to a rapid serial stimuli which generates a response called P300. In this project we use the P300 response from the brain to detect which letter in a series of presented letters the subject wants to type.

Mediation/Relaxation State


In this project we are trying to process EEG signals to detect the periods of time that a subject is meditating or relaxing during the time of the experiments.