Malak Alshawabkeh

PhD Candidate

About Me

I am currently a PhD candidate at Northeastern University and a member of the Northeastern University Computer Architecture Research Group (NUCAR). My research advisor is Dr. David Kaeli. I received my MS in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and my BS in Computer Engineering from Yarmouk University in Jordan.

My research focuses on developing feature selection algorithms for high-dimensional imbalanced and noisy data and on applied machine learning. Feature selection is an important data analysis tool; it helps researchers to deal with high dimensions data, retaining only the features that are most important for the classification task. The need for feature selection for highly skewed datasets is prevalent in many applications including: microarray analysis, text mining and intrusion detection. I focus my applied research on intrusion detection systems. More specifically, on virtual machine monitor (VMM) based intrusion detection systems.

Contact Me

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115