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Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
409 Dana Research Center
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115
Email: MyLastName@ece.neu.edu
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I direct the Cognitive Systems Laboratory (CSL). {Our lab page is outdated by several years. We will get to it sometime...}
CSL is part of the Biomedical Signal Processing, Imaging, Reasoning, and Learning (B-SPIRAL) Group - a unified group jointly led by Profs. Dana Brooks, Jennifer Dy, and Deniz Erdogmus.

Current project areas include: Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) with EEG, Transcranial Current Stimulation (TCS), Brain Activity Network Modeling, Manifold Unwrapping / Principal Surfaces / Dimension Reduction, Interactive Machine Learning for Segmentation / Clustering /Classification, Behavior Analysis from Physiological Sensors (for autism) and from Video (for primates).

Research Interests
Statistical signal processing, machine learning, information theory, differential geometry, and numerical optimization are fundamental to our research. We mostly focus on biomedical signal and image processing. Translational research from concepts to prototypes is our goal. Our interests at CSL are not limited to biology and biomedical applications of theory.

Curriculum Vitae {usually accurate to within a year}
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Ataturk {his principles may never be outdated}

Please find our group/lab instructions here:
    Bspiral Instructions - all Bspiral members are expected to use/uphold/observe
    CSL Instructions
- all CSL members are expected to use/uphold/observe in addition to the Bspiral instructions above
    CSL Application Procedure - candidates for CSL, please follow the steps described in this document

Postdoctoral Research Associates: James (Zephy) McKanna, Suminetra Rampersad (starting in Nov'14)

PhD Students: Asieh Ahani, Bruna Girvent-Tort, Emre Onuk, Esra Ataer-Cansizoglu, Fernando Quivira, Hooman Nezamfar, Jamshid Sourati, Marzieh Haghighi, Matineh Shaker, Matt Higger, Mohammad (Sina) Moghadamfalahi, Nastaran Ghadar, Paula Gonzalez-Navarro, Sadegh Salehi, Shalini Purwar

MS Students:
Amirali Haghayeghi, Golnaz Eftekhari, Haofu Liao

Undergraduate Students:
We regularly have undergrad students participate in research activities. The list is dynamic and I cannot update my page fast enough. Please contact me if you are in Boston and would like to join us. See the CSL Application Procedure for more information.

Visiting Scholars:
No visiting scholars at this time.


Postdoctoral Research Associates
Dr. Devrim Kaba: GE Global Research (Schenectady, NY)
Dr. Umut Orhan: Human Centered Systems Lab at Honeywell (Seattle, WA)
Dr. Murat Akcakaya: ECE Dept at University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA)
Dr. Catherine Huang: Energy Research Lab at Intel Research (Portland, OR); then Data Analytics Lab at Intel Research (Portland, OR)

Presage Biosciences

PhD Graduates

Dr. Sheng You: Presage Biosciences (Seattle, WA)
Dr. Umut Orhan: postdoc in CSL (Boston, MA)
Dr. Tian Lan: freelancer/consultant in the Bay Area (San Francisco, CA)
Dr. Erhan Bas:
Gene Myers Group at HHMI Janelia Farms (Ashburn, VA); then GE Research (Schenectady, NY)
Dr. Olexiy Kyrgyzov: postdoc in the OpenVIBE2 project at LIST-CEA (Paris, France); then other postdoc positions (Paris
, France)
Dr. Catherine Huang: postdoc CSL at OHSU
(Portland, OR)
Umut Ozertem: Yahoo Research (Sunnyvale, CA); then Microsoft Research (Sunnyvale, CA)

MS Graduates (with thesis)
Matt Higger: PhD student in CSL (Boston, MA)

Visiting Scholars
Dr. Mujdat Cetin: sabbatical at MIT and NU, Professor at Sabanci University (Istanbul, Turkey)
Rongrong Fu: CSC Scholar, PhD Student at Northeastern University (?,China)
Jonas Myhre: PhD student at the University of Tromso (Tromso, Norway)
Dr. Bekir Dizdaroglu: Asst. Prof. at Karadeniz Technical University (Trabzon, Turkey)
Jernej Zupanc: visited as PhD student Fulbright Scholar
, then postdoc at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (repeated visits)
Dr. Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer: Instructor at OHSU, Portland, OR (then HMS-MGH Martinos Imaging Center, Boston, MA)
M. Fatih Talu: PhD Student at Firat University, Elazig, Turkey


At CSL, we strive to maintain a diverse group of colleagues.
We are always looking for exceptional new postdoctoral research associates and PhD student research assistants.
Please see the CSL Application Procedure.
Also the CSL Contract that can be found in the CSL Instructions page specifies expectations.

Note 1: I do not offer RA positions to MS students.
Note 2: Due to university policy, I cannot accept paid or unpaid international undergraduate research interns. Do not email me about this please. (IIT undergraduate students, this note is for you! Please contact me about PhD instead.)

Hints for people from select countries from which I receive applications and students frequently:
    India: I have a great impression of my colleagues who got undergrad EE degrees from IITs.
    Iran: I have many great RAs with undergraduate degrees from Sharif, UTehran, and Amirkabir.
    Spain: Bspiral has a stream of superb people from UPC in Barcelona. I am impressed.
    Turkey: I have great people from Bilkent and METU. I'd like to also get people from Bogazici.
International visiting scholars at the graduate or postdoctoral level: Please send me an email to initiate a discussion about what research project you may get involved with. Indicate potential funding sources you have to support your stay. Northeastern University will not be making any salary payments to you during your stay, however, we will register you as a visiting research scholar so that you have official and legal access to university resources.



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