About Me

I am a PhD student who codes and does math on a daily basis. My area of interest is mainly focused on signal processing and machine learning. Recently I am focused on active-learning and deep-learning.
You can download my [CV].
After graduating from Bornova Anatolian High School in 2009, I received BSc Electronics Engineering and BSc Mathematical Engineering degrees from Istanbul Technical University in 2014 and 2015 respectively. I received MSc Telecommunications Engineering degree from Istanbul Technical University in 2016. Currently I am pursuing a PhD degree in Northeastern University, Cognitive Systems Laboratory.



RSVP Keyboard

I am currently a member of the project group as the team leader of Northeastern.
Rapid serial visual representation based communication device is a solution for people with locked in syndrome. This project includes both clinicians and engineers. As a part of the group, signal processing team is responsible for improving communication performance. I also contributed in design and code to the framework the group provides [ BCI-Py]. You can access our paper [here].

Sparsity Based Modifications for Microphone Arrays

I was a research assistant in this `Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey` funded project. We developed convex formulations for dereverberation, denoising and audio source separation.
You can access some dereverberation examples from [here].


"Sparsity Based Formulations for Dereverberation" - MSc Grad. Prj. - Supervisor: Ilker BAYRAM [.pdf]
"HDMR Applications" - BSc Grad. Prj. - Supervisor: Burcu TUNGA [.pdf]
"Image Inpainting" - BSc Grad. Prj. - Supervisor: Ilker BAYRAM [.pdf]


To access my list of publications you can refer to my [CV].
Currently I am working as a (intern) researcher at Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs.

Position Where When
Research Intern MERL [Cambridge/MA/USA] 05,2019 - 08,2019
Research Intern MERL [Cambridge/MA/USA] 05,2018 - 08,2018
Research Assistant Northeastern Uni.[Boston/MA/USA] 09,2016 - ongoing
Research Assistant Istanbul Technical Uni.[Istanbul/TR] 07,2014 - 03,2016
Intern Ajan Elektronik [Izmir/TR] 08,2013 - 09,2013
Intern i-Akademi [Izmir/TR] 01,2013 - 02,2013
Research Intern ASELSAN [Ankara/TR] 06,2012 - 07,2012
Intern EKTAM [Izmir/TR] 06,2011 - 07,2011
Intern VESTEL CITY [Manisa/TR] 07,2010 - 08.2010